Modern Warfare 2 players blast seasonal prestige system that makes ranking up “pointless”

Modern Warfare 2 character with money bagActivision

Call of Duty players have criticized the decision to stick with a recently established seasonal prestige system in Modern Warfare 2, claiming that it makes ranking up “pointless”. 

Prestiging has long been a part of Call of Duty multiplayer, with players eager to rank up online as fast as possible, unlocking weapons, equipment, skins, and more as they go. 

We’ve already got a decent idea of Modern Warfare 2’s weapons and the Mastery Camos players will grind for but, thanks to Activision’s October 18 update, we now know that a seasonal prestige system will return, instead of the original CoD prestige system. 

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Where the original system let players prestige whenever they wanted, the seasonal system resets players’ ranks as in-game seasons cycle. 

However, a large portion of the player base appears to have been hoping for a return to the traditional CoD system because, with the news that the seasonal system will stay, plenty of prospective players have criticized the decision. 

MW2 players slam seasonal prestige system returning

The Activision update confirmed that a pre-season will precede Season 1, which will bring its own battle pass and seasonal prestige. 

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This was highlighted in a Reddit post, where numerous players vented their frustrations. 

One mocked Infinity Ward’s previous requests for community feedback, saying: “We hear what you’re saying and the answer is no”.

Another claimed the seasonal system takes the meaning out of leveling up, asking: “Why make leveling up pointless yet again? Why make double XP pointless if they’re trying to sell it?”

A third said: “Well, that’s a hype killer. I really loved the traditional prestige with an unlock token each time. Was really hoping to see it back.” 

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However, others suggested that the decision for such a system, given its implementation in numerous past iterations, most likely stems from Activision. 

One commented: “This likely isn’t even Infinity Ward specific. Treyarch did it and despite people not liking it, Sledgehammer did it. It’s more likely Activision getting the devs to do it.”

Regardless, fans aren’t pleased with the decision and have added it to the list of things they want to see adjusted ahead of the full game’s launch on October 28. 

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