Modern Warfare 2 players blast “pathetic” reverse boosters trying to avoid SBMM

MW2 Reverse BoostingActivision

Modern Warfare 2’s community has blasted reverse boosters as “pathetic”, as the frustrating tactic becomes more common amongst players trying to avoid skill-based matchmaking (SBMM). 

The inclusion and growing prevalence of SBMM in Modern Warfare 2 has been a major topic of debate and discussion in the CoD community. 

It refers to matchmaking algorithms that place players of similar skill levels in lobbies together, supposedly to foster more competitive environments. However, some argue it punishes talented players and is a cynical system designed to protect lesser-skilled players and encourage them to keep playing. 

One tactic that often emerges as a result, and has again in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, is “reverse boosting”, where players kill themselves repeatedly to worsen their stats and try to get themselves placed in lower-skill lobbies. 

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Modern Warfare 2 players condemn “pointless” reverse boosting 

A December 6 Reddit post drew attention to the tactic, with one teammate in OP’s lobby going 0-199.

This means that they committed suicide in-game nearly 200 times in an attempt to worsen their stats and trick the algorithm into placing them into worse lobbies, where presumably they are able to excel.

The OP said: “He spawned and killed himself for the entire game.” 

Comments were largely critical of the tactic, with some also remarking they had encountered similar in their own multiplayer matches. 

One said that it’s a futile tactic, with players instantly placed back in their rightful lobbies after a game of playing normally: “Reverse boosting is pointless, one game you go 20-10 and next you’re in CDL lobbies.”

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Another commented: “It’s pathetic, man. I hope everyone reports these people when they see them.”

Some endorsed bans for the offenders, but others suggested that it was a good way to counter the game’s matchmaking system. 

Regardless, it seems a selfish way to go about it, meaning teammates essentially have to make do with one player less.