Modern Warfare 2 players beg Infinity Ward to keep hilarious super jump bug

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Modern Warfare 2 fans have encountered a bug that launches players into the air when dolphin diving away from a grenade, and they want developer Infinity Ward to keep it in the game.

The beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has finally kicked off, letting fans get their first taste of the remake long in the making.

As players have been sniffing out new weapons and locations, a handful of bugs have popped up in the playtest.

While some of these bugs will be stomped out quickly by Infinity Ward, there’s one bug that players hope the developers keep in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 is back.

Modern Warfare 2 players enjoy new grenade bug

User Dubstepkitty18 shared a video showing them getting launched directly into the air after getting hit with a grenade explosion.

They titled the video an explanation of why they didn’t die, “If you dolphin dive at the correct time while being far enough away from a grenade to not die, you get launched.”

Dolphin diving involves the player transitioning quickly from sprinting to prone position via diving forward. Players have now discovered that if you get hit by a grenade when dolphin diving you will get launched super high into the air.

Users in the comment section implored Infinity Ward to keep this potentially unintended feature in the game, as it could be used to bounce around the map and discover new fun techniques to get into enemy spawn locations.

One Call of Duty fan said, “For the love of God, keep this in.”

Hopefully for early adopters of MW2 Infinity Ward lets them have as much super jumping fun as possible.