Modern Warfare 2 player stunned as he’s killed by a door in tournament finals

el asilo midmap in modern warfare 2Activision

A team of aspiring Call of Duty pros were left stunned after a door killed their teammate in the finals of a Modern Warfare 2 tournament.

Modern Warfare 2 has not been without its weird bugs and glitches since launching towards the end of 2022, whether it be in multiplayer, DMZ, or Warzone 2.

Normally, though, you can forgive it when it’s happening in public matches. While it can be incredibly frustrating dying to bugs, you know you can spawn up again and just play the game out as if nothing happened.

You don’t get quite as much grace during a tournament, though, especially during a final, where an annoying glitch can be the difference between winning the tournament and earning money or dropping out with nothing to celebrate.

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That’s almost exactly what happened in this amateur ColosseumCrew tournament, as the two teams took to El Asilo for Search & Destroy, the second map of the Best of 5 series.

As ItzAdam defended the door at A bomb, looking to prevent his opponents from planting there, AnthoJr blasted the door open, sending Adam flying across the room to his death, in a move the commentators couldn’t even try to explain.

While this was obviously a huge loss in the round, and one that could have easily tilted Adam and his teammates, they did end up winning the tournament despite losing the S&D.

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With some huge changes planned for the launch of Season 2 — albeit predominantly for Warzone 2 and not multiplayer — this will definitely be something that the devs will want to get a hold of, especially to stop it from happening in Call of Duty League matches or ruining the fun of casual players.