Modern Warfare 2 player shows off “underrated” equipment item

A Modern Warfare 2 player revealed the perfect way to deal with campers in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 2 expanded players’ arsenals with new equipment offerings. Community members praised Drill Charges as CoD’s “best addition” in years. The lethal grenade makes it easier to deal with campers hiding in buildings and even immobilizes vehicles in Warzone 2.

Infinity Ward’s latest series entry also introduced shock sticks, used to destroy equipment, disable vehicles, and sabotage weapons. Most multiplayer fans opt to use either dead silence or trophy systems as their go-to Field Upgrades, but another new equipment item is flying under the radar.

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A viral clip put on display how useful the tactical camera is when utilized correctly.

Modern Warfare 2 characters on Santa Sena Border Crossing mapActivision
Modern Warfare 2’s tactical camera is perfect for dealing with campers.

Why more players should use the tactical camera in Modern Warfare 2

During a multiplayer match on Taraq, a Modern Warfare 2 player threw a tactical camera into a room. The camera revealed an enemy’s location, and the user killed the unsuspecting opponent from below.

The user posted the highlight on Reddit and claimed, “Tac Cams are underrated.”

Community members collectively praised the play, and the genius move convinced them to give the underrated equipment item a go.

One player responded, “welp, I know what I’m carrying next time.”

Tactical cameras can be useful in respawn game modes if you throw them into a building usually occupied by campers. However, the equipment item really shines in Search and Destroy. If the attacking team plants a bomb, a tactical camera can watch the bomb for you.

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A clever community member also discovered another use for tactical cameras. “If you have C4 placed and you’re looking through the camera, a little thing shows up at the bottom of the camera view that says: Detonate C4 with the symbol for the trigger button next to the prompt.”

Enemies will have no clue what hit them if they mysteriously blew up from a C4 explosive with no one nearby.

Give tactical cameras a try for yourself and discover how powerful they can be.