Modern Warfare 2 player comes up with perfect Warzone 2 UI overhaul

modern warfare 2 and warzone 2.0 UI overhaulActivision/Harrison Makes Things

One of the most consistent complaints Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 players have had with the game is the UI (user interface) — but one player might have come up with the perfect alternative.

Many CoD players have found the Warzone 2.0 UI to be confusing at times, not easy to navigate between different game modes, and believe that it could be more simple, like the original Warzone 1 interface.

It requires navigating through several menus in a fashion more representative of a streaming service than a video game — which makes sense, given people quickly discovered that a number of Hulu designers had joined Activision.

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While there were hopes that a UI overhaul would come — and some leaks suggested it was in the works — it currently still remains very similar to the look that was present in the beta.

After many complaints, however, this player may have come up with the perfect MW2 UI redesign that makes it more fluid, understandable, and better in line with the Warzone 1 experience.

As you can see below, Harrison Makes Things made playlists visible on one screen, easy to scroll through, and done similar for the loadout page too.

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“My design philosophy throughout the entire project was keeping the feel and utilizing the design assets of what we currently have, but making those assets more intuitive and accessible,” Harrison said in a Reddit comment, and it’s fair to say much of the respondents agree that it’s a natural step up from what is currently in the game.

“That vertical create a class is legitimately upsetting because it’s exactly what we should have,” said one comment, while another added that “This is ten times better than what we have right now.”

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Whether a big UI overhaul does come to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 remains to be seen but, based on the popularity of this post and others like it, it’s definitely something players would love to see.