Modern Warfare 2 leaks reveal MLG meme-style killcams

captain price modern warfare 2 mlg memeActivision, MLG

Modern Warfare 2 could introduce the addition of a refined killcam system that will allow players to customize their final kill highlight in the style of the iconic MLG meme trend.

Call of Duty games have spawned a multitude of trends over the years, but the emergence of the ‘MLG’ meme swept YouTube like no other.

Using waves of pop culture references and hilarious editing tricks to playfully take aim at CoD’s player base, the legendary meme may be about to make a comeback.

As players call upon Infinity Ward to add the Barracks and more into Modern Warfare 2, updates to the game’s killcam system and Play of The Game highlights could be the next feature to emerge.

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Alleged Modern Warfare 2 patent reveals new killcam system

Initially posted by industry leaker Ralph’s Valve, the Twitter user said “Modern Warfare 2 is is getting customizable Kill-Cams.”

The leaker continued: “You can select between Play of the Game or a Final Kill – you’ll also be able to extensively edit in Graphics, Messages, Audio, GIFS, and Templates.”

Illustrating what the proposed revisions will look like, Ralph’s Valve included a GIF of an MLG meme-style killcam.

“You’ll be able to replicate stuff like this in-game, I am not kidding,” added the leaker.

Moreover, an alleged patent for the potential killcam revamp was posted too. Ralph’s Valve noted that it was “licensed in concept for Call of Duty.”

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It is presently unclear where the leaker sourced the patent, but the concept showcases an early version of how players can use the game’s interface to customize their end-of-game feeds.

For those unfamiliar with the MLG meme, feast your eyes upon this noteworthy example from YouTuber jam:

Until this undoubtedly wild addition arrives in Modern Warfare 2, stay frosty with the best loadouts to secure dubs in Warzone 2 and beyond.

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