Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals first look at Paul Pogba and Neymar operators

Paul Pogba in FIFA 23 with MWII logoEA Sports / Activision

A new Modern Warfare 2 leak has revealed the first look at the upcoming Paul Pogba and Neymar operators, after famous footballer skins were leaked some weeks back.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will pick up where its predecessor ended in terms of skins, operators, and characters.

Modern Warfare 2019 brought a host of new and likable characters into Infinity Ward’s rebooted series, most notably Ghost, who could even be in line for a spin-off series of his own.

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Not all skins coming to the title will be strictly military, however. We’ve already seen a Burger Town operator come as part of Call of Duty’s crossover with Burger King and, some weeks back, leaks revealed that a series of the world’s most famous footballers – Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Neymar – would come to MWII as purchasable skins.

That leak appears to have been borne out, with new images revealing exactly what fans can expect from the football operator skins.

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Paul Pogba and Neymar skins leaked for Modern Warfare 2

On October 27, leaked pictures surfaced showing exactly how Neymar and Paul Pogba will look in-game.

While some expected the footballers to drop in sporting outfits, it would hardly have been in keeping with Modern Warfare 2’s militaristic aesthetic. Instead, both drop-in camouflaged military gear, complete with headsets, armed forces equipment, and even protective eyewear.

Many were skeptical about their inclusion in Modern Warfare 2, concerned it would break the immersion that game devs work so hard to create.

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However, there was general praise for the look of the operators after it became clear they’d remain consistent with the game’s color scheme and overall aesthetic. Some even claimed they look better in Modern Warfare 2 than they do in FIFA 23.

The images certainly indicate the accuracy of the original leaks (meaning Lionel Messi’s in-game skin should surface soon) and points to many more ambitious crossovers to come.

It’s not yet confirmed, but it’s hard to imagine these skins won’t also transition into Warzone 2.0 when the battle royale sequel drops on November 16.

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