Modern Warfare 2 leak reveals all upcoming weapons including Intervention

mw2 player using intervention sniper rifleActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players may have been given an early look at every new weapon that will be coming to the title over the course of MW2’s final few seasons thanks to a new leak.

As with every new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2 has seen the systematic implementation of new maps, as well as new weapons to try out. Additional guns can have a big say on the game’s meta, as well as generally provide players with new, free content.

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Since its launch, Modern Warfare 2 has welcomed the likes of the ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle and the BAS-P SMG. Weapons are generally revealed not long before either a new season update or the midseason Rewloaed patch.

A leak has possibly ripped up the rulebook though as it features a list of every weapon supposedly going to drop between now and the end of its lifecycle – when CoD 2023 comes out.

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 weapons

Reputable leaker Task Force Leakers 141 followed up their own tweet which suggested the FAMAS would be returning in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 with another tweet detailing a complete list of weapons.

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It uses the codename for 13 different weapons, some of which can be easily deciphered such as the Kali Sticks at the bottom of the list.

Furthering the idea of this leak, a Reddit post claimed that the “remaining weapons (S3-S5) have been found in the data.”

Along with the codenames, the user also pointed out what each of the codenames actually represented. If true, players will get to unlock and use classic weapons such as the Intervention Sniper Rifle, as well as the Tec-9.

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This could be seen as a huge blow for the devs who will likely have been keeping back some of these guns as a surprise and using them as firepower for new seasonal roadmaps.

As a reminder, this is just a leak, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt just in case. We’ll have to see if these guns do eventually debut in Modern Warfare 2, but we do know that certain game modes will be returning thanks to a datamine.

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