Modern Warfare 2 fans demand refund after LA Thieves CDL skin nerf


Modern Warfare 2 fans demanded a refund for the LA Thieves CDL skin after the developers altered the operator.

Call of Duty games have added plenty of cosmetic skins, but possibly none more controversial than Roze. Modern Warfare 2019’s Roze operator bundle drew criticism because of the character’s all-black outfits. Players argued it was a nightmare to locate her in the jungles of Caldera.

Fans experienced a nasty deja vu case when the LA Thieves released its CDL Pack operator skin. The operator dawns an all-black suit with red LA letters on the front. Community members flocked to the store, labeling it “Roze 2.0.”

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However, some fans argued the LA Thieves skin is not as overpowered as the original. Activision disagreed, adding bright red shoulder straps and goggles to the Operator over a week after the skin’s release. Modern Warfare 2 players demanded a refund for purchasing a different product initially.

LA Thieves CDL skinActivision
The original LA Thieves CDL skin.

Modern Warfare 2 fans feel deceived by LA Thieves operator change

On December 9, CharlieINTEL reported Activision nerfed the LA Thieves skin by adding a brighter red color to the gear. The Operator skin was initially released with an all-black design on November 29, prompting players to demand a refund.

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CharlieINTEL shot down any hopes of a refund, stating, “No refunds will happen. Activision has a legal note in all microtransactions saying they can change products any time.”

Despite knowing it was a futile effort, fans flooded the comment section with complaints.

ModernWarzone owner DougDagnabbit, responded, “Are they gonna give refunds or what?”

A second user added, “I feel like this is deliberate. They knew people would buy, so it’s pretty much a money grab. Pretty pathetic, but at least it’s still the best-looking CDL skin.

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One user made a clever analogy, “It’s like you went to the mall and picked out a sweater you liked, bought it, then two weeks later someone magically changed the color of it in your closet.”

It remains to be seen if players are given refunds for purchasing the operator skin, but we will provide an update if possible.