Modern Warfare 2 devs confirm Ranked changes coming to help solo players

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Ranked play has been a huge hit since it launched in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, reigniting the interest of many players and bringing top competitors over from Warzone to grind for the top ranks. The main issue some players have, though, is the solo experience — but change could be on the way.

Whether you’re a Silver surfer just trying to get better at the game, or a competitive player pushing up towards Crimson or even higher, the solo experience can be a seriously infuriating one.

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You’re always toying with sheer luck when queueing up as a solo player. You might get a decent team but, most of the time, there will be players with poor or no comms, certain players that don’t know Hardpoint rotations, or any number of other issues.

This is even worse when facing off against teams that have stacked up, be it three or four players all grinding together to work towards the Top 250.

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Fortunately, Treyarch dev Lawrence Metten has said that they are looking at ways to improve the experience for solo players in Modern Warfare 2 ranked.

He said: “We hear the feedback on the current solo experience and are actively evaluating some changes we hope will make solo play competitively viable in all Skill Divisions.”

While there was no clear timeline provided or even an idea of what these changes might entail, it was definitely received well by those who have found the solo ranked experience a difficult one.

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Players might now look towards Season 3 for changes to solo ranked play, which is expected to land in early to mid-April.

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