Modern Warfare 2 developers reveal Gunsmith 2.0

Modern Warfare 2 2022 cover artActivision

As part of Activision’s Intel Drops campaign, the Modern Warfare 2 developers revealed Gunsmith 2.0.

Gunsmith polarized the Call of Duty community in Modern Warfare 2019 by fundamentally changing how players create classes. Players customize up to five parts of each weapon, augmenting them to find the perfect balance for their play style.

For example, you could transform an AK-47 AR into something resembling an RPD LMG gun or an AK-74U SMG based on selected attachments.

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Modern Warfare 2 builds upon the original Gunsmith and adds new layers of customization options. Platforms are a feature allowing players to unlock new weapons as derivatives of a base gun. Attachment tuning opens new avenues of opportunity for users to fine-tune each attachment.

Activision shared a video detailing how the developers designed Gunsmith 2.0 for Modern Warfare 2.

Players who pre-order the Vault Edition will receive the FJX CInder Weapon Vault.

How does Gunsmith 2.0 work in Modern Warfare 2

On your first watch, it may be confusing or overwhelming attempting to digest all of the presented information in Call of Duty’s Gunsmith 2.0 video.

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Here is everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith.

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Mary Evdjukian, Senior User Experience Designer, explained weapon receivers and platforms.

“You have a platform of weapons, which is a family of weapons. Once you get to a receiver unlock within your first weapon, that’s when you unlock another weapon. Modifications you have already unlocked for the previous weapon work on that new weapon too.”

For example, the M4, M16, 556 Icarus, FTAC Recon, and FSS Hurricane are all on the same platform. You unlock the M16 receiver by leveling up the M4. All previously unlocked attachments for the M4 carry over to the M16.

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“This takes away from the grind of having to unlock every single attachment on each weapon every time they want to level up a weapon,” Evdjukian said.

The Weapon Vault system finally allows players to change attachments on blueprint weapons without losing the aesthetic of the blueprint. The FJX Cinder Weapon Vault automatically unlocks all 50 plus attachments for the M4 platform and keeps the same Cinder theme for each one.

Joel Emslie, Studio Art Director, shared, “the goal was to produce something that players could play with and not break the visual.”

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