Modern Warfare 2 camo update has totally broken Polyatomic animation

polyatomic camo in modern warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s Polyatomic camo recently received a big change, courtesy of the devs, but players are reporting that the update has broken the camo almost immediately.

Camos have once again been a topic of conversation in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but a lot of the dialogue has been more positive in this year’s iteration.

The challenges have been made a lot more achievable compared to recent years, and the designs themselves have also been lauded by players.

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The game’s hardest camo to unlock – Polyatomic – has recently been changed so that it’s now animated. Sadly though, like the endless Dead Silence bug, players have drawn attention to the fact that the camo has now broken for a lot of users in the game.

Polyatomic camo broken in new Modern Warfare 2 update

The camo changes have been a long time coming, and the March 21 update was the catalyst for this visual improvement.

Reddit user has discovered that it’s not working for everyone though and even asked: “Who keeps letting IW cook?” For some players, instead of the classy, smooth animation for Polyatomic, it’s almost resembling a barcode now for lots of frustrated MW2 users.

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“That’s the bar code for the latest $20 operator,” said one player, whereas someone else commented: “I’m lowkey happy they made such a sh*tty change so I can finally stop grinding for it.”

Another Reddit post doubled down on the complaints and once again provided evidence of Polyatomic’s buggy state: “Classic Infinity Ward move, change something that no one had a problem with and make it infinitely worse. Polyatomic is broken on most weapons now because of the pointless animation change.”

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A frustrated commenter added: “Of all the issues this game has, and there are MANY, the fact that this is something they spent time changing… man, it makes no sense.”

As quickly as the devs updated the camos to reflect the changes, there’s a good chance they will do the same to revert them until the issue is fixed.

In any event, there will probably come a time when Polyatomic will be fully animated, without glitches, and have players griding for it once again – even if it is on Shipment.

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