Modern Warfare 2 players celebrate “annoying” soccer event finally ending

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Call of Duty MW2 players are celebrating the FC soccer event finally ending after all of its “annoying” in-game advertisements.

Modern Warfare 2’s FC event kicked off in late November 2022 to coincide with the FIFA World Cup. Its release featured new operators modeled after superstars Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, and Paul Pogba.

The event also unlocked access to a limited-time CODBall game mode, which introduced players to a brand-new map and Rocket League-esque gameplay mechanics.

Not all Modern Warfare 2 users were pleased with these additions, though, especially since in-game pop-ups regularly advertised the event.

MW2 players cheer for the soccer event’s upcoming end date

Reddit user RussianMoth shared a screenshot in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit that’s delighted many a Call of Duty fan.

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According to the “Events Ending Soon” tab in MW2, the limited-time FC event will come to an end later in a few days on Monday, February 27.

As seen in the post below, the original poster called the in-game announcement “good news.” It seems other Modern Warfare 2 users agree with this sentiment, mostly because of the annoying in-game ads for the FC event.

“I’m so tired of seeing them every time I start the game,” one Call of Duty fan wrote in the comments thread on Reddit. Non-soccer fans were particularly frustrated with the MW2 event because it too often distracted from other content offerings in the store.

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Said one Redditor on the matter, “…[the] game always spams me with these nonsense popups and you always have to go through [the] soccer-skin page to actually see what else [is] in the store.”

Others think the limited-time event should’ve concluded when the 2022 FIFA World Cup ended in December. At least players will soon be rid of the FC advertisements in Modern Warfare 2.