Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 1.14 update secretly improved Thermal Sights

by Alan Bernal


The Modern Warfare Season 2 update has made a huge improvement to the Thermal scope that makes the attachment much more viable to use in a match.

In the weeks following Modern Warfare’s October 2019 release, Call of Duty players noticed that the heat-sensitive scopes didn’t work like they used to in previous iterations of the game.

Infinity Ward made a point to say that the change in direction for the attachment was intentional but they've since shifted their approach. With the release of the 1.14 update, the Thermals have been improved even more and players are starting to take notice.

Infinity Ward
The dynamic scenery of Modern Warfare used to pose a problem for scopes, but not anymore.


Reddit user ‘MrNobodyX3’ saw that the Season 2 update revamped the Thermal scope for there to be a noticeable difference when looking for opponents through its sights.

The silhouette from a player’s body heat comes through like normal, but there’s a much more defined outline when looking through smokes to pick up people’s signature.

After Infinity Ward caved and let people use Thermal scopes to see opponents through smoke grenades, it was still a bit tricky to make out a player through the thick plume of gas.

MrNobodyX3 via Reddit
The new Thermal sights could become more popular after the Modern Warfare 1.14 update.


But the Season 2 update now gives people a strong impression of their foes even when shrouded through the tactical equipment.

Furthermore, the latest update made Thermals more useful to equip, regardless of the map that’s being played.

“Well, for one, you can actually use [Thermal scopes] on every map,” MrNobodyX3 said, explaining noticeable differences after the 1.14 patch. “Where I took that screencap it used to be just pure white.”

Thermal sights got a worthwhile improvement as opposed to its pre-1.14 patch state.


They took the screencaps on Shoot House, a map that’s brightly lit and would have typically posed a problem for any player using the attachment.

The enhancements also gave an indirect buff to the Cold-Blooded perk, too. In the player’s post, you can see that someone who has the perk equipped can barely be made out by the Thermal scope at all as opposed to the other examples.

The unlisted quality-of-life changes to the Thermal scope could give Modern Warfare players a bigger incentive to actually use the attachment for their loadouts.