Call of Duty

MLG's Adam Apicella Provides a Big Update on Streams for the $200,000 CWL Anaheim Open

by DG Goldstein


Adam Apicella of MLG provided a big update on live streams for the $200,000 CWL Anaheim Open with new features for viewers and fans to enjoy.

With a number of improvements and adjustments taking place over the course of the year, the 2018 CWL season has been one of the most advanced for competitive Call of Duty to date.


Following various behind-the-scenes developments in terms of technology, it was recently announced in early May that all live streams for the CWL will be 1080p with 60 FPS, which led to a surplus of positive feedback from community members.

However, on May 22nd, Adam Apicella of MLG presented another update on live streams by mentioning how the CWL Anaheim Open in June will include Charlie and Delta gameplay-only streams, allowing for all of Pool Play to be broadcasted live.


Once again, community members reacted well to the news, however, it is currently unknown at the time of writing if MLG has any plans to bring on casters for Charlier and Delta for events following CWL Anaheim.


The competitive Call of Duty community will be gearing up for the CWL Anaheim Open which will feature over 160 teams battling it out for a $200,000 prize pool between June 15th and June 17th at the Anaheim Convention Center.