Mitch Jones pulls off ridiculous CoD: Warzone helicopter massacre

Twitch: MitchJones / Activision

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones wowed viewers during his March 30 Call of Duty: Warzone broadcast when he went on a rampage with his helicopter. The personality created a bloodbath using the aircraft’s blades.

Ever since its March 10 release, CoD: Warzone’s popularity on streaming platforms has left fans in no short supply of mind-blowing clips from the battle royale.

However during his latest broadcast, Twitch personality Mitch Jones pulled off an insane feat that will be sure to impress any CoD player. His epic helicopter massacre has to be seen to be believed.

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Mitch Jones pulls off crazy helicopter massacre 

The streamer dropped into a match, and went straight for the helicopter below. Exuberating confidence, he told his chat “Yeah, that’s my chopper, boys!” Immediately upon flying the aircraft, a player parachuting in got caught in the propeller blades and exploded like a bug on a windshield.

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“Whoa! You got caught up in the blade there big boy!” he said, mocking his fallen enemy. He then hunted down three other opponents with the blades culminating in a double kill.  “Yo, I’m a f**king massacre with my helicopter!”

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he then spotted a player on the rooftop of an opposing building. “For the last kill, we get the boom,” he said. The personality then hopped out of the chopper midair, and sent it flying towards his opponent where it exploded and killed them.

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“Yo, I’m a f**ing legend!” Mitch exclaimed after pulling off the insane feat that could have been a scene from a Hollywood action film. The Twitch star’s chat went absolutely nuts over his rampage.

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He continued to pull off crazy plays, such as sniping a player who was waiting for him at the end of the match. The tense exchange left him with close to 10% of his health when he took the enemy down with a perfect headshot.

“Get s**t on! F**k you!” he screamed. Unfortunately his insane killing spree came to an end when he got killed towards the last circle after emerging from the toxic gas. The streamer ended up placing fifth – not bad at all.

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Viewers impressed with his Warzone skills called him “fat shroud,” which caused him to laugh saying “Wait, what? S**t, I’m fat shroud now? I’m with it!”

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Clearly members of his chat weren’t the only ones blown away with his blood-soaked chopper rampage, as the clip has over 42k views at the time of writing and rising.