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MerK and Benson Back Huke to Turn Round Team Envy’s Performances at the CWL Pro League

Published: 26/Jun/2018 17:22 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 16:41

by Calum Patterson


With the CWL Pro League resuming on June 26th, Team Envy fans will be eager to see the team shake off their poor Anaheim performance and get back to winning ways in Division A.

Team Envy were one of a number of top North American teams who badly underperformed at CWL Anaheim, finishing top 16 after a loss to Australian side Tainted Minds.

It was a surprising result, given how strong the team had looked during their first two weeks of Division A, but inconsistency was ultimately their undoing.

Since the roster change, with Martin “Chino” Chino and Jacob “Decemate” Cato coming in, Cuyler “Huke” Garland became the team’s star, seemingly off the leash in the new setup.

But none of the players were performing at their best during Anaheim, resulting in the disappointing finish, and with only seven matches left in the Pro League there is no time for the players to feel sorry for themselves.

During the most recent episode of Trading Shots, casters Ben “Benson” Bowe and Joe “MerK” De Luca put the weight on Huke’s shoulders to step up for the roster.

Benson explained that in terms of respawn K/D, he believes Huke will outperform the other top K/D player, Evil Geniuses Adam “Assault” Garcia.

“To me, Huke’s been very, very good. Has he been back to what everyone expected? Maybe not, but he’s been very, very good and he is peaking at the right time, which is important for the squad.”

And MerK agreed, explaining that if Envy are to do well and ensure they make the playoff cut, it will likely come down to his performance.

Huke is hitting form. Yes, Envy have disappointed these past couple events, haven’t played up to their full potential – we were very excited, especially at Seattle. But even at Anaheim, [Huke] put up ridiculous numbers. If I had to put a bet on who’s going to go off in respawn, I would choose Huke, plain and simple.

I believe in Huke, as Benson said, he is hitting his stride at the right time, I’m excited to watch Envy and see what Huke can do this week.

You can watch the full episode of Trading Shots from MLG below, with discussion of Huke at around the 35:00 minute mark.

Call of Duty

New Warzone map reportedly coming in April following leaked Verdansk nuke event

Published: 26/Feb/2021 1:07

by Brad Norton


Warzone could be moving away from Verdansk rather soon as a new report suggests a major update is set for April, bringing with it a Black Ops Cold War overhaul along with an entirely new map.

Since the release of Warzone on March 10, 2020, players have grown accustomed to there being just one map. While Rebirth Island was introduced in December, Verdansk has served as the only map for regular-sized competition since launch.

After months of teasers throughout Warzone’s ongoing narrative, it appears we’re finally set to break new ground. An in-game nuke event will allegedly be the catalyst for one of the biggest updates yet.

At the end of Season 2, nukes around Verdansk will finally be set in motion and serve as the transition to a new 1980’s themed map, according to a report from VideoGamesChronicle.

While the brand new Season has only just begun, at its climax, Verdansk appears to be in store for total destruction. We’ve known for quite some time that a major nuclear event has been building under the surface.

Now, VGC states that this event is coming sooner than later with the end of Season 2 kicking off a major revamp. With the new Battle Pass now available, we know that April 22 is the targeted date for Season 3.

This is reportedly when the new map will come into focus. Nuclear silos now open across Verdansk could be advancing through launch stages as the current season progresses. Once it all kicks off, Verdansk will reportedly be no more.

Players will allegedly be sent to a 1980’s themed battleground, with familiar Black Ops locations scattered throughout. While a number of key areas were featured throughout the earlier Blackout mode in Black Ops 4, this could pave the way for yet another nostalgia hit.

Warzone gameplay
Silos across Verdansk appear to be opening for a nuclear event to round out Season 2.

Zombies have just arrived in Verdansk thanks to the new Ship POI. A leading theory suggests that a zombie outbreak could leave no choice but to nuke the area.

As Season 2 unfolds, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until more locations are overrun by the undead. Be on the lookout for any subtle changes across Verdansk as we enter what could be our final weeks on the map.