MBoZe announces OpTic Gaming departure, reveals two biggest regrets

Albert Petrosyan
Red Bull

Longtime OpTic Gaming member Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks is parting ways with the organization after having been a part of the Green Wall for nearly six years. 

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On August 30, MBoZe announced that he was no longer a member of OpTic Gaming, confirming what many had speculated would end up happening at some point. 

“As of today, I’m no longer a part of OpTic Gaming,” he tweeted. “I don’t want to talk, I just want to play.”

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He also posted a nostalgic Instagram picture of him playing for the Green Wall at a Call of Duty event, thanking everyone for the opportunity.

“Thank you for the most incredible five years of my live,” he wrote. “I’ll always love the Green Wall.”

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While he did not elaborate much about the reasons behind his departure, he did reveal his two main regrets about the whole situation.

“I only have two regrets in this situation: one – I stopped playing, two – definitely could’ve grinded more so H3CZ could have another big dawg on the squad.”

He is referring, of course, to dropping out of mainstream competitive Call of Duty at the end of 2015, and despite his efforts to establish himself in the scene again in 2017, he was never really able to grab much of a foothold. 

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When it comes to OpTic Gaming, there are few more recognizable names and faces than MBoZe, who first joined the organization as a CoD player back in January of 2014.

All in all, he represented the Green Wall at 18 tournaments and events -16 with the sister squad OpTic Nation and two with the main team, placing top-three at four different competitions, including the 2014 Call of Duty Championship.

He left the competitive side of the org late in 2015, joining their lineup of prominent content creators, but is now the latest to part ways following the recent Immortals Gaming Club takeover. 

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As for what his future holds, MBoZe will likely talk about that soon, as he’s promised to publish an in-depth video explaining everything that has gone on behind-the-scenes.