Maximilian Dood proves you can’t open Warzone loadouts mid-air in spectacular fail

. 9 months ago
Maximilian DOOD dies to Warzone loadout

Twitch streamer and fighting game specialist Maximilian Dood tried his luck playing Call of Duty Warzone only to find out the hard way that respawning alongside a loadout isn’t always the best idea.

While best-known for fighting games, the 38-year-old Maximilian Dood occasionally picks up games a bit outside his wheelhouse and Warzone is no exception.

After being picked off and waiting to be bought back into the game, Max started parachuting down onto the map. Little did he know, his teammate was kind enough to get their squad a loadout too.

As he dove towards the package, the streamer seemed to have a moment where he could open it mid-air, but instead, the box smacked him in his face sending him freefalling to his doom.

Maximilian Dood stunned by loadout death

“Dude, the loadout on the way down hit me and I died!” Max cried. “I don’t get it, man! Dude, what the hell was that s**t?”

According to Maximilian, he was dropping and seeing where he was going, but then when he spotted the loadout, he never even had time to really react before it hit him, killing him in the process.

“That was horses**t, dude,” he continued, clearly unimpressed by such an unfortunate series of events. “I wasn’t trying to aim for it, I was just trying to land. I wasn’t looking to caress the loadout, it just hit me!”

Maximilian_DOOD dies to loadout
Would you dodge the loadout or try to open it?

Luckily, when he was brought back again, he was able to survive despite taking damage on the way down. Otherwise, it would have been two of the most awkward deaths in Warzone history.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a loadout grief Warzone players either. Notably, Warzone pro Tommey was killed by a loadout mid-air while competing in BoomTV’s Rising Stars of Warzone Streamer Series.

Given the seemingly RNG nature of such kills, it will be interesting to see if Activision does anything to make these loadout deaths much rarer or even impossible in a future update as it’s certainly one of the worst ways to go out.

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