Maven Misses CouRage So Much, He Accidentally Said His Name Live on CWL Stream

It has been a few months since caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans and content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop worked together on a Call of Duty World League broadcast.

However, it seems that Maven hasn’t gotten over the fact that his former colleague left the casting ranks to join OpTic Gaming as a streamer and YouTuber.

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Handling the broadcast for the July 16 CWL Pro League Challenge, Maven was joined by his usual co-host Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca.

However, when announcing themselves to the live-stream audience, Maven accidentally introduced MerK as CouRage in front of the thousands of viewers.

“Maven joined by CouRage….. Joe DeLuca? Why did that just come out of my mouth? See ya buddy.”

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What followed was a very hilarious and awkward situation, as MerK walked off the stage and could be heard saying “have fun casting this one!”

Incredulous at his own slip up, Maven could not hold back his laughter, as he tried his best to explain himself.

“It’s because that guy tweeted us bro, I’m sorry buddy, I just saw him in my mentions. We have a long past Joe, we have a bright future together!”

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As from being former colleagues and roommates, Maven and CouRage are very close friends, and their comical “bromance” interactions were once a constant fixture on social media and Call of Duty broadcasts.

At least CouRage will have the ease of mind knowing that his former co-host still thinks about him sometimes while on the job.

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