Massive prize pool revealed for 2019 Call of Duty World Championship

Albert Petrosyan

The prize pool for the 2019 Call of Duty World League Championship has been revealed and it’s easily the biggest in the esport’s history. 

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The prize money to be split among the 32 qualifying teams will be set at a whopping $2 million, $500K more than that of the 2018 CWL Championship.

This is part of the record-breaking $6 million overall prize pool for the entire 2018-19 CWL season, which includes four $250,000 open events, the $710,000 CWL Pro League, and several amateur events that have a combined $375,000 prize pool.

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The $2 million prize pool for Champs was confirmed by MLG’s Adam Apicella, who tweeted it in passing while having a discussion about the competitive season on Twitter.

It’s not clear whether he meant to reveal this information or not, as it had not been officially announced previously, but many suspected that the total was always going to be a massive figure. 

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The discussion Adam was having on Twitter was directed at those who were complaining about the competitive structure of this CWL season, although it would appear to be the most balanced it’s ever been.

He was making the point that teams who do not make it to the Pro League are not devoid of opportunities to make some serious moves in competitive CoD, citing the lucrative Amateur Circtuit, amateur open events, and the chance to qualify for the $2 million Champs. 

Although the specific dates have not been announced, the 2019 CWL Champs is set to take place in August of this year and will be the biggest and final event of the Black Ops 4 season. 

32 teams from around the world will be featured at the event; 16 will automatically qualify for the tournament by making it into the CWL Pro League while 16 amateur teams will make it via the Amateur Circuit.

Last year’s champions, the Evil Geniuses roster that is currently with Team Envy, have qualified for the Pro League and will be guaranteed a chance at defending their ultimate title.