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Luminosity’s Slacked Breaks Down his CoD: WWII Competitive Classes Following Latest Update

Published: 27/May/2018 20:26 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:59

by Calum Patterson


Luminosity Gaming player Josiah “Slacked” Berry has provided a complete break down of his competitive classes in Call of Duty: WWII, ahead of Division B of the CWL Pro League.

Player’s classes for competitive play have fluctuated plenty over the course of the 2018 CWL season, due to numerous weapon buffs and nerfs, major updates and ‘gentlemen’s agreements.’

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Slacked has been at the center of some of these agreements, for example being vocally against the use of basic training ‘Primed’, when it would offer reduced flinch, which many players believed was too big an advantage.

For an SMG player like Slacked, there is really only one gun which is optimal, the PPSH, but depending on different maps and modes, his load out changes drastically.


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Primarily, he will run grip, advanced rifling and quickdraw on his PPSH, ensuring he is accurate as well as increasing the 4 bullet kill range.

He  uses the machine pistol as his secondary weapon, with extended mags attached, which is consistent with most other professional players, with the exception of FaZe Clan’s James “Replays” Crowder, who typically runs the P-08 pistol.

However, Slacked’s basic trainings and equipment changes class to class, with some optimized for CTF, others for Search and Destroy and hardpoint.

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Slacked will be in action with his new class setups in Columbus for Division B of Stage Two for the CWL Pro League, with the new look Luminosity roster.


While his team are not necessarily favorites, with Seattle champions Rise Nation and the new OpTic Gaming predicted to be the teams to beat, Luminosity will want to prove their pick up of Matthew “FormaL” Piper was the right move.

Matches begin on May 29th, with Luminosity vs OpTic scheduled for the last match of the night.