Long-awaited Warzone Stim Shot nerf coming later in Season 3 Reloaded

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Warzone’s Stim Shot has been a source of controversy for two seasons now and the Season 3 Reloaded update finally takes aim at nerfing them back out of the “overpowered” range – but it won’t be changed on Day 1. 

There are practically unlimited uses for the Stim Shot in Warzone. Whether you’re on the hunt for blood and need a quick speed boost, or you’re trying to make it back into the open arms of the safe zone, they’ve become an essential part of nearly every loadout.

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That’s why after weeks of community outrage over the state of the item, the Warzone devs have gifted the community some positive news.

The feature will be nerfed during the season, though a specific date hasn’t been put on it just yet.

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Warzone is being shaken up again with the new season.

Stim Shots will be nerfed in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

In the patch notes, the devs highlighted that the Stim was ultimately over-performing against their expectations.

The enhanced sliding and unstoppable healing were making the item an unskippable piece of the meta, and it was time to bring it back to earth.

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To help them reach that goal, both the speed boost and the healing are being adjusted. Sliding will still give you a burst of extra distance on an enemy, but not quite as much as before, and being peppered with bullets will now interrupt the health regen process.

How are Stim Shots changing in Warzone?

Stim shot in WarzoneActivision
Warzone’s Stim Shot is getting a two-headed nerf in S3 Reloaded.

In the patch notes, they said the following:

  • Stim Adjustments |
    • Slide modifier has been reduced
    • Added a Weapon damage (received) interruption effect

We have enjoyed watching the recent shift in the use of Tacticals where Stims have become more commonplace and offer new, high-skill plays. That said, the above are two areas where we have felt it necessary to finetune the balance.

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While nerfing the Superslide is one high point in this adjustment, getting out of the encroaching gas will now take more foresight than ever before, as relying on stims to get back to full health won’t be a viable option anymore.

It’s not all bad news for aggressive players though, as the arrival of Vanguard’s Serpentine perk should help compensate for that unexpected lack of speed.

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