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Liberty Strike Community Challenges Live in Call of Duty: WWII - Multiplayer and Zombies Rewards

by Calum Patterson


As part of the new 'Liberty Strike' event in CoD: WWII a new set of community challenges have been released with exclusive rewards unlocked as players hit certain milestones.

As with previous community challenges, there are five total rewards but this time there is no new weapon. There are however two exclusive weapon variants.


This time the challenge is not about kills however, but rather total multiplayer wins - 260 million to be exact to complete all five tiers.

Another change this time is that the rewards are not limited to multiplayer only, with Zombies consumable supply drops handed out at each tier too.


In order to be eligible for the rewards, you will need to log in to CoD: WWII between July 3rd and 24th, when the Liberty Strike Event ends. 

Full details of the new Liberty Strike community challenges:

Call of Duty: WWII DLC Pack 3: United Front is out on PS4, and the Butcher’s BACK! With the Liberty Strike Community Event comes our latest Community Challenge: Get 260 Million Multiplayer Match Wins!

And guess what? We don’t just have Multiplayer rewards for you, we’ve got a Zombies reward for each Tier as well, so all you slayers will get new gear and crates for dipping your toes into MP!


Here’s what you get for each completed Tier:

Tier 1: ‘Canadian’ Calling Card and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 2: ‘British Flag’ Weapon Charm and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 3: ‘American II’ 1911 Weapon Variant and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 4: ‘Fez’ Special Helmet and 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop

Tier 5: ‘Independent II’ M1 Garand Weapon Variant and ‘Kitschig’ Zombies Weapon Camo

So how does one become eligible for all these awesome rewards? Easy. All you need to do is log in between now and the end of the Liberty Strike Community Event on July 24.

We won’t keep you any longer. We know you’ve got work to do. Now go party up with your squad to get the job done!

Source: Sledgehammer Games