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Leffen takes aim at Hitch in heated Call of Duty SBMM argument

Published: 21/Sep/2020 7:07 Updated: 21/Sep/2020 9:47

by Brad Norton


Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) was a huge talking point in the recent Black Ops Cold War alpha, and it even caught the attention of Smash Bros. pro William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte, who attacked Team Summertime’s Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards for wanting it to be removed.

The Black Ops Cold War Alpha playtest kicked off on September 18 and SBMM immediately set the internet ablaze. It felt far more prevalent than in previous games and therefore, countless pro players and content creators slammed its inclusion in standard playlists.

Not long after the action started, the issue had spread across social media, attracting thoughts and opinions from far and wide. Veteran Smash Bros. competitor Leffen even chimed in on the drama; the Swedish pro outlined his stance on the matter, shutting down anyone complaining about SBMM.

“Watching people argue that FPS players should in fact, not play people who are as good as them, but people worse than them so they can stroke their ego is so f***ing pathetic,” he said. Naturally, this caught steam within the CoD community and popular content creator Hitch fired back to explain their side of the argument.

“What’s the joy in beating people up who play once every two weeks if you’re playing this shit full time?” Leffen questioned. “It’s very obviously that content creators are trying to trick their audience that you should in fact, not be okay with a system that makes for fair matches.”

Taking issue with this approach, Hitch put forward an analogy. He compared the CoD experience to pickup basketball, something that can be played “casually with people of all skill levels.” In Smash Bros, it’s often a 1v1 battle, more comparable to tennis, Hitch explained. “You can’t casually play tennis if the skill level is too different. If you’ve never played FPS games it makes sense you think this way.” 

Throughout the Cold War alpha, SBMM was extremely effective. If you won a few consecutive games, lobbies would ‘level up’ in a big way. It got to the point where the best competitors were reverse boosting to reach less intense lobbies. 

This issue is something Leffen would “never be able to understand,” according to Hitch: “The only way he [Leffen] can have fun is if he played the .000000001% of players that [are] around his skill level.”

“Of course you’re a pathetic COD content creator who s***s on new players shilling on SBMM,” Leffen fired back.

The community is forced into believing SBMM is a huge issue, Leffen continued, but in reality, it’s just the top 1% of players wanting easier lobbies.

“Keep gaslighting your 14-year-old audience,” he said. “F***ing humble yourself and try to understand the other side (aka 99% of the player base).”

The two went back and forth on social media throughout the duration of the Cold War alpha. Eventually, Leffen appeared to grow tired of the argument and proceeded to outright block Hitch on Twitter.

“The first person to block me on Twitter wasn’t an ex-girlfriend, a CoD troll, an Infinite staff member, or anyone I’ve met,” Hitch joked. “It was Super Smash Brothers Melee player Leffen. What a weird day.”

Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2021 leaks hint at new Modern Warfare follow up

Published: 30/Oct/2020 6:04

by Brad Norton


Before Black Ops Cold War arrives, we may already have our first hint of next year’s Call of Duty setting as a prominent leaker has teased a new Modern Warfare sequel.

While the Call of Duty franchise has 17 mainline entries covering a wide array of timelines, two names stand out as the most iconic. Both the Black Ops series and the Modern Warfare series have seen the most iterations over the years. 

Treyarch has already released four titles in the Black Ops series with Cold War just weeks away. Meanwhile, Infinity Ward has four entries in the Modern Warfare series, the original trilogy along with 2019’s reboot. Now, it seems as though a fifth could also be on the way with Infinity Ward at the helm.

Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software will reportedly be taking a back seat. Instead of the typical three-year development cycle, Infinity Ward has just two-years to work with. We’re still 12 months off from 2021’s mystery release, but we may already have our first details on next year’s title. 

Modern Warfare 2019
Infinity Ward
Could Price’s story continue in 2021’s Call of Duty?

“It’s looking like CoD for 2021 is another Modern Warfare title of some kind,” prominent leaker Tom Henderson revealed. Not a whole lot is known beyond that key detail, though the setting for the next release appears to be locked in. 

“Understandably not a lot of information as of yet, but it’s a modern-day setting,” he confirmed. Given Modern Warfare’s hard reboot with 2019’s release, could a new sequel be the next step? This would essentially bypass the original Modern Warfare 2 from 2009 if Activision opts for another identical title.

To avoid even more confusion, there’s a good chance the name is a little different, similar to how Black Ops added Cold War to the title for 2020’s drop, despite it being a direct follow up to Black Ops 1. So expect to see Modern Warfare: ‘something something’ as the likely 2021 title.

This could see a direct continuation from where 2019’s game left off. John Price is looking to assemble a team of classic characters to put a stop to Russian terrorist Victor Zakhaev. If Warzone’s ongoing storyline doesn’t beat the single-player campaign to the punch, this could be our objective in 2021’s release.

While this aspect is purely speculation, the leaker also considered the original Modern Warfare 2 being bundled in. No different from how Infinity Warfare launched with Modern Warfare remastered in 2016.

We’re still months away from any official information on the 2021 title, so take this with a grain of salt for now. Black Ops Cold War is the focus for Activision. Anything regarding next year’s game will be kept under wraps for quite some time yet.