Call of Duty

Leaks Reveal New Blackout Details, Weapon Variants and More in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

by Calum Patterson


In a set of new leaks about the upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops 4, news of weapon and specialist variants as well as new Blackout information has been revealed.

This is of course unconfirmed, but the source previously correctly leaked details of the fourth DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII, so there is a good chance that some or all of this information is accurate.


Firstly, details of the 'Specialist Stories' Black Ops 4 was revealed, which are intended to give some backstory to the multiplayer specialist characters.

But in addition to this, a new mode, weapon and specialist variants, in-game events and features coming to the Blackout battle royale mode have been discovered.


This information was posted to by a Reddit user, but comes originally from a YouTube channel named The Wew Lads.

Note, this information is not confirmed, and could change prior to release.


[Treyarch] have developed two new weapons which weren’t in the beta:

· A small launcher – somewhat similar to the Blackcell in appearance and may be lock-on only.

· An assault rifle with angular lines on its receiver and curved iron sites.

NOTE: This is an artist rendition of the weapon, not an official image.




[Treyarch] have been developing variants of weapons and specialists under the theme of “Day of the Dead” and “Halloween”. This includes a Halloween themed supply drop – although this could change as Activision and Treyarch still make decisions on how to handle microstransactions in this game. Image of themed specialists.

  • Variant of the of the VAPR-XKG (Artist's rendition)

NOTE: This is an artist rendition of the weapon variant, not an official image.


  • Variant of the MX9 (Artist's rendition)

NOTE: This is an artist rendition of the weapon variant, not an official image.


New Mode: "Outboarding"

NOTE: This mode may have been cut and replaced by Specialist Stories Mode, leakers are uncertain.

  • A training/tutorial mode.
  • Features Sgt. Frank Woods and Reznov. Woods wakes up from some sort of simulation, perhaps ran by the Specialist Organisation.



  • Cracked and Array from BO1 have been remastered into Blackout areas.
  • There are doors, just like in PUBG and Fortnite, which can be opened and closed.
  • Scavengeables like in Heist mode.
  • While it’s aimed to have zombies present in some areas – such as Verrückt – this may not make it into the Blackout beta.
  • Some people have datamined that there are 100 players in Blackout. These are slots they used for testing but doesn’t necessarily mean the mode supports it.
  • You do, in fact, parachute into the map after gliding in on a wingsuit.

Some of this information lines up with what was seen in the Blackout trailer, for example the wingsuit.

Zombies have also been confirmed to feature in some way in Blackout, but this could simply mean that maps or weapons from Zombies will be used, not necessarily actual Zombies. It is confirmed that characters from Zombies will be playable in Blackout.

Some of this information will be proven true or false when the Blackout beta launches on September 10.