Leaker claims MW2 Remastered release date is sooner than expected

Leaker claims MW2 Remastered release date is sooner than expectedActivision

Prominent Call of Duty leakers ‘TheGamingRevolution’ and ‘Okami’ have pointed towards a potential release date for Modern Warfare 2 Remastered – and fans will be surprised to see that it is apparently just around the corner.

Both TheGamingRevolution and Okami have been at the forefront of Call of Duty leaks in recent times, with the pair correctly predicting the release of Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, Warzone.

Now it seems that the pair are leading the narrative on the 2020 release of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign-only title, as they have leaked more information pertaining to the highly anticipated remaster that has been allegedly in the works for some time.

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MW2 Remastered leaked artwork.Activision
A plethora of MW2R artwork was leaked on March 27.

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Okami has kickstarted the rumor mill most recently, after Tweeting that MW2R is primed and ready for a 2020 release at the backend of February.

TheGamingRevolution supplemented these claims, by claiming that Activision was working on MW2R release (alongside a Sledgehammer developed free-to-play title).

While many were no doubt yearning for a full remaster of MW2, Okami squashed all hopes following their March 25 update. The data miner revealed that Infinity Ward will instead take some of the fan-favored classic maps, give them a fresh lick of paint, and stick them in the rotation on Modern Warfare.

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Terminal from MW2.Activision
The likes of Terminal, Scrapyard and Highrise look set to be added to Modern Warfare’s existing multiplayer.

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When is Modern Warfare 2 Remastered coming out?

On March 25, Okami left nothing more than a date cryptically pinned on their Twitter profile, simply stating: “March 30.”

Was this to be the date of the next big leak? Or something more? Okami left their followers eagerly poised for an update.

However, this Tweet has since received some context thanks to TheGamingRevolution. After talking with his fellow leaker, he sent out a Tweet that clarified Okami’s previous post and has claimed that a campaign-only remaster of MW2 will be releasing on March 30.

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With a bundle of MW2R artwork and cosmetics slipping through the cracks merely the day before TheGamingRevolution Tweeted the alleged release date, all of the stars seem to be aligning for Infinity Ward to push MW2 campaign live.

While the pair have been incredibly accurate with their leaks in the past, nothing is set in stone until Activision release official confirmation. Stay tuned as more looks set to unfold on MW2R release in the coming days.

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