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Leak claims to show “first look” at next Black Ops game in CoD series

Published: 30/Dec/2021 12:22

by Shay Robson


A series of images posted online claims to give CoD fans a glimpse of Call of Duty’s 2023 release – apparently a continuation of the Black Ops series from Treyarch.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released only a short while ago, although fans may have already caught a glimpse at what’s in store for both Call of Duty 2022, as well as 2023’s CoD release.

Details about the game are still totally unknown, as news this early about a release two years away is unusual.

However, we can safely assume the game is in development by the minds behind the Black Ops series, Treyarch, based on the rotation schedule of CoD devs.


cod 2020 black ops
Call of Duty 2023 looks to be a continuation of the fan-favorite Black Ops series.

A Reddit thread on December 30 shared what the poster claimed to be leaked images from an alpha version of the 2023 CoD release.

Nice_Reputation_4784, who posted the leaks under a burner account, claimed they don’t know the original source, but mentioned they came from a private Discord server and to be cautious with the images: “Take this with a massive bucket of salt because I have no idea who the original source is, but the images do look pretty convincing,” they said. “These were posted in a private Discord I’m in.”

Noting that the game looks oddly familiar to Cold War, the poster stated that: “The game seems to be using 99% Cold War assets but that seems pretty typical for a CoD alpha. Then again it could just be fake since stuff doesn’t tend to leak this early.”


COD 2023

The 12 images mainly showcase the UI of the game. One image, however, is a screenshot that was taken from the map Moscow from Black Ops Cold War, which was pointed out by CoD player zpoon.

Other images show ‘Zombies Factions’, and design goals for the game. However, it’s very possible that all of this is simply an elaborate fake.

Despite the release of CoD 2023 being close to two years away, other details on the game emerged in September. Reliable leaker, Tom Henderson, stated that Treyarch’s next entry in 2023 will be a “semi-futuristic,” and “boots on the ground.”

With the release of the game not set till 2023, it’s worth taking these leaked images with a grain of salt. Even if real, it could also be possible that these images are related to something the devs are testing for an upcoming Black Ops Cold War update.