Call of Duty

League Play Confirmed to Be Returning to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

by Calum Patterson


Competitive fans will be pleased to know that Treyarch is bringing back its fan favorite 'League Play' mode for Black Ops 4.

The league play mode was initially introduced in Black Ops 2, but has never quite returned in its full form in subsequent titles.


It did of course return as "arena" in Black Ops 3, but the ranking system was not as full fledged as the previous version.

Other games in the series, including the most recent Call of Duty: WWII have attempted their own version with Ranked Play, but again the system was not optimal.


Fans will hope that this League Play will work almost exactly the same as it did in Black Ops 2.

At the community reveal event, there was very little revealed, but the logo shown did resemble that of a similar rank image in Black Ops 2 League play.

The reveal of League Play in Black Ops 4

We will need to wait for a full trailer, which has not been revealed as of yet, to know more.