Karma warns OpTic Texas of “scariest thing” that could cost them at CDL Major 2

OpTic Karma alongside picture of Scump and Dashy at OpTic Texas CDL Major LANMLG/Call of Duty League

Three-time Call of Duty world champion and former OpTic dynasty member Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow has explained what he believes to be the “scariest thing” for OpTic Texas at CDL Major 2.

OpTic have been a dominant force throughout this season of the Call of Duty League, despite a fairly shaky start.

They won Major 1 in emphatic fashion, taking down 2021 world champions Atlanta FaZe with a convincing 5-2 victory, before qualifying for Major 2 with a flawless 5-0 record.

While they’re the unanimous number one team in the game right now, there’s no telling what could happen if another team turns up, or OpTic have an off-day — but Karma says there’s one main thing the team should be worried about at the Major 2 LAN event.

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OpTic Texas on stage at CDL Major 1David Doran/ESPAT
OpTic Texas dominated the viewership and the competition at Major 1.

During a Twitch stream on March 30, Karma spoke about how great OpTic Texas are right now, but warned that, in particular, divisive map Bocage could be a problem for them in both Hardpoint and Search & Destroy.

OpTic aren’t bad at Bocage by any means, with a 5-2 record in Hardpoint and 1-1 in Search and Destroy, but Karma believes the map itself lends itself to more upset potential.

“The scariest thing for OpTic has got to be the fact you have to play Bocage S&D and Hardpoint, potentially,” he said. “That map … really just comes down to who’s going to be hot. I feel like it’s just a 50/50 map.”

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He went on to add that the map is especially difficult if you get it as the first map in the series, and it’s “just scary for anyone.”

OpTic are heavy favorites to take the trophy at the Stage 2 Major, with teams like Atlanta FaZe and London Royal Ravens behind them. And we can’t imagine they’re much worried about Bocage, no matter how mixy it gets.