Karma highlights MW2’s two biggest problems as Scump quits pro CoD

Modern Warfare 2 next to KarmaRespawn / CWL

CoD legend Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow has highlighted what he believes to be Modern Warfare 2’s biggest issues, joking that they are why former teammate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner announced an early retirement. 

Going into the Modern Warfare 2 CDL season, it was already known that all-time great Scump was set to retire on the season’s conclusion. 

However, January 17 shocked the esports world when the King announced that he was bringing his retirement forward and stepping down from the OpTic Texas starting roster.

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It meant a shock return for Dashy and the end of the career of one of the greatest and most popular esports players of all time. 

Now, former teammate and CoD World Champion Karma has used the King’s retirement to poke fun at Infinity Ward over two common criticisms of Modern Warfare 2. 

Karma jokes MW2’s issues are the reason Scump retired early

In a January 17 tweet, the former OpTic Gaming star hit out at the devs for the lack of traditional minimap and Dead Silence as a perk in MW2. 

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He said: “Really just couldn’t keep red dots on mini map and dead silence as perks eh Infinity Ward[?]”

While he did not mention Scump outright, the timing of his tweet led many to believe he was poking fun at the devs, hinting that the absence of the much-called-for features prompted Scump to retire early. 

One respondent said: “IW retired the King,” while another commented that “MW1 made Karma retire and MW2 made Scump retire.”

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While past CoDs have red dots appear on enemy minimaps every time a player fires an unsilenced weapon, Infinity Ward rejected community calls for such a system. They said they did not want to punish players for firing their weapons. Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade and not a perk in MW2. 

In his retirement video, Scump said that he overestimated his ability to handle the demands of another pro season. He said: “After seeing [Shotzzy] and [Huke] as a sub duo it was kind of an easy decision. I’m not fast like that anymore.”

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