Call of Duty

Karma gets full streaks with just two Gravity Slam kills on Black Ops 4

by Bill Cooney


Call of Duty pro Damon 'Karma' Barlow made getting a full killstreak look easy by taking out two players with one Gravity Slam.


As he grapples out above his enemies, Karma uses the slam directly above while still in the air and wipes both players out.

"I killed them," Karma informs his teammates. "I have full streaks."


The Gravity Slam is a specialist weapon in Black Ops 4 that sends out a seismic wave upon impact with the ground, and as shown here, is powerful enough to take out multiple enemies.

Karma is able to fill up his streaks because in addition to taking out the two players, he takes out a drone squad to get the extra points.


Black Ops 4 has seen a ton of crazy plays, but the ones supplied by the Gravity Slam just seem to be extra impressive.

The latest Call of Duty has been well received by the community and top players, like Karma, seem to be getting the hang of things just fine.