Call of Duty

Karma Discusses Gunless and Unfair Criticism During His Tenure With OpTic Gaming

by Ross Deason


OpTic Gaming’s Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow has let the competitive Call of Duty scene know exactly how he feels about the criticism that he has received in recent months.

For the first time since the Advanced Warfare season, OpTic Gaming’s Call of Duty team looks set to make some roster changes and it is widely assumed that Karma will be at least one of the players that is removed from the roster.


The most popular candidate to replace him has been Rise Nation’s Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman - a player that many other pros view as the current best in the game.

But Karma is a three time World Champion for a reason and the Canadian has often received an unfair amount of criticism during his tenure with OpTic Gaming due to roles that he has assumed - concentrating more on the objective than getting kills.


During a recent Twitch stream he talked about the CWL Pro League Season 1 playoffs, an event where OpTic lost to FaZe in the Grand Finals, and pointed out that he was one of the standout performers at the event but still received little praise and the team still lost.

Karma was right at the top of the statistics for flex players at the event along with Gunless and Martin ‘Chino’ Chino, but he got very little credit for his performance due to the fact that the team crumbled in the Grand Final.


Karma says “I played better than every person. Every flex person in the game”.

While Gunless did have slightly better statistics at the event, he only played eight maps and was eliminated in last place as opposed to Karma’s 21 maps played and second place finish.

The veteran doesn’t seem to be taking shots at Gunless, or any other flex player in the game, but is instead using his Season 1 performance as evidence that he could rarely win with OpTic fans, even when he was playing better than his teammates.

It now seems like only a matter of time before an official announcement is made regarding the future of OpTic Gaming and Karma.