Karma breaks down best and worst CDL pro teams’ playstyles


During a Valorant stream on April 7, Seattle Surge’s Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow dissected the playstyles of several Call of Duty League teams, including Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen and Paris Legion – and even added who he believes plays “the most fundamentally correct.”

While the season has been on hiatus due to the ongoing global crisis, players have not been able to travel to events or compete among the very best as they usually would, leaving somewhat of a hole in the lives of players and fans.

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That said, teams have still been scrimming and playing against each other outside of a competitive setting, and Karma has explained how certain teams are better than others and able to get wins.

YouTube: Seattle Surge
Karma is a three-time world champion, so he knows a thing or two about Call of Duty.

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Starting off with the Call of Duty League leaders, Karma said of Atlanta FaZe: “They don’t care what the f**k you’re doing, they’re going to all run and challenge you while MajorManiak just does what he needs to do. He just holds something.”

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He continued: “Then you’ve got Paris. You’ve got Denz and Louqa, who literally don’t move, kind of similar to Minnesota with GodRX and Assault. Then you’ve got Dallas, Clayster plays like Major, they’re pretty much really similar.”

His final point was on a more positive note, with some kind words for Chicago Huntsmen. “Chicago, out of all the teams, play the most fundamentally correct.”

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He added that despite this, he’s not even sure what “fundamentally correct” is in Modern Warfare as he had just listed about 4 different playstyles that all work.

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He went on to pay somewhat of a compliment to Chicago SMG star Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannan, who he says “just sneaks” and is a “pain in the a** to play.”

He also discussed teams such as New York, where each individual player has their own playstyle, concluding that with teams such as them and Florida, you “don’t know what to expect.”

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It’s clear that Karma is at somewhat of a loss over how the different CDL teams play, and more importantly how to effectively play the ‘correct’ way, and this is something he and his Seattle teammates would be discussing in-depth ahead of the League resuming on April 10.

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They currently sit in 9th place in the CDL with a 2-8 record, so they will want to make improvements quickly and efficiently over the coming weeks. Whether they can emulate the successes of the aforementioned teams remains to be seen, though.