JoeWo reveals major reason why he’s not competing in Warzone 2 yet

JoeWo streamingJoeWo

Call of Duty streamer JoeWo has revealed why he refuses to compete in Warzone 2 tournaments despite having vast amounts of in-game skill.

Warzone 2 has certainly gotten off to a rough start – in fact, the game has been filled with various bugs and glitches that have impacted players’ enjoyment. However, one of the biggest problems facing Warzone 2 right now, is the frustrating dev error that completely ruins matches.

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This annoying glitch instantly kicks those affected out of the lobby and can put an end to any hope of winning a match. Not only is the Warzone 2 dev error extremely infuriating, but it can instantly ruin even the most patient player’s day.

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JoeWo put off tournament play by Warzone 2 dev errors

JoeWo isn’t the only Call of Duty content creator who has been affected, as Aydan famously got a dev error during a $100K event. This instantly put his team at a huge disadvantage and they had to play the tournament with a man down.

Fortunately, the Warzone pro’s squad was able to claim a third-place finish despite having such a huge disadvantage. While a number of CoD streamers have been keen to flex their skills in tournaments despite the dev error issue, JoeWo has outright refused to even entertain this notion.

“I’m not playing any tournaments or wagers until they fix the dev error thing,” said JoeWo. “I’m tired of literally, technically winning but we lose because of a dev error. I’m not playing, I’m saving my sanity because that’s the most annoying thing ever.”

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The developers have yet to issue a fix for the Warzone 2 dev error, but there is a temporary fix that you can use. Of course, this isn’t ideal and hopefully, Raven Software can address the issue in the future.

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