JoeWo reveals Cold War AK-47 Warzone loadout that shreds on Caldera

JoeWo with Cold War AK-47Activision/JoeWo

The Cold War AK-47 may not be as popular as the Cooper Carbine or Automaton in Warzone, but JoeWo has a lethal loadout that demonstrates why it’s still a solid pick on Caldera. 

While Warzone Season 3 is just around the corner, many players will be looking for new loadouts to try when the game’s update drops. While the current AR meta is still dominated by the likes of the Cooper Carbine and Automaton, Warzone streamer JoeWo has brought back an old classic. 

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Unlike its Modern Warfare counterpart, the Cold War AK-47 is actually a viable option. Not only does it have great damage, but this punchy AR can absolutely decimate foes in close to mid-range firefights. 

In fact, if you learn to control the AK-47’s recoil, then you can down multiple opponents within seconds. So, if you’re looking for a non-meta AR or just wish to dust off a classic Cold War pick, then JoeWo’s AK-47 loadout will enable you to do just that. 

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JoeWo’s best Cold War AK-47 loadout

Black Ops Cold War Warzone AK-47Activision/Treyarch
The Cold War AK-47 is a great non-meta pick in Warzone.
  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20″ Liberator
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd Mags

JoeWo’s AK-47 loadout utilizes attachments that greatly decrease the gun’s vertical and horizontal recoil. In fact, the GRU Suppressor, 20″ Liberator Barrel, and Axial Arms 3x all help to keep the gun more stable when fired. 

While you’ll still need to drag down on your mouse/analog stick during prolonged engagements, the gun won’t bounce all over the screen. This is particularly useful as it enables players to utilize the Axial Arms 3x, which is extremely useful for landing those all-important head and body shots. 

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To help mitigate the slower ADS time from the Axial Arms, JoeWo has attached the Spetsnaz Grip, which helps speed up the time needed to look down the gun’s sights. You’ll still need to switch to your SMG during close-quarter fights, but the added speed here can help with quicker target acquisition. 

Lastly, the 45 Rnd Mags enable you to cut through multiple targets’ armor and eliminate them within one clip. The limited ammo capacity of the AK-47 may seem rather daunting at first, but the high damage per shot more than makes up for this. 

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The Cold War AK-47 may no longer be a meta pick in Warzone, but JoeWo’s loadout proves there’s still a place for this CoD classic.