JoeWo claims Warzone 2 “isn’t ready” for a Resurgence mode

JoeWo streaming Warzone 2JoeWo

If insider leaks are to be believed, Warzone 2 will be getting its own version of Resurgence – but JoeWo believes the game “isn’t ready” for the notoriously fast-paced gameplay that previously defined the mode.

JoeWo, the Movement King of Warzone, knows a thing or two about the franchise. The popular content creator consistently showed off his ability to break ankles and take down confounded enemies in the first game and he’s still taking over lobbies in the sequel.

That kind of experience means his insight on the game is well-informed, and with the prospect of a Resurgence mode arriving with the Season 2 update, JoeWo joined the Pullze Check podcast to share why he believes the game needs a serious facelift before the mode is viable.

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JoeWo explains why Warzone 2’s mechanics will hurt Resurgence mode

Talking to Repullze, LuckyChamu, and JGOD, Joe explained that he feels there is a long list of mechanics that need to be updated if WZ2 hopes to recreate what it had before.

“I don’t think it’s going to be ready,” he stated. “It’s not going to play like everybody played Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth. [People played those] for fast-paced, more action, quicker games.”

He further highlighted the drastic shift in how long it takes to play a full game on Al Mazrah, with the panel agreeing that it can regularly take up to 30 minutes to finish a match.

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“Some people are trying to take a quick Rebirth game for 10 or 15 minutes, and unless they change dramatically, it’s not going to play like people are expecting,” he wrapped up.

That kind of pacing has been a hot topic in the community after recent reports suggested that Warzone 2’s player count plummeted toward the end of 2022. Nadeshot highlighted it as one of the wishlist items he hopes Infinity Ward and Raven Software will look to change going forward as well.