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Aydan & zSmit win Week 1 of JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown Warzone event: Full results

Published: 11/May/2022 5:00 Updated: 11/May/2022 5:32

by Brad Norton


JoeWoe’s Battle for the Crown Warzone event series is back for its second year running as $50,000 is on the line across three weeks of uniquely structured action. From a breakdown of the format to a look at who’s competing, here’s all you need to know.

  • Battle for the Crown returns eight months after inaugural event.
  • Prize pool raised to $50,000.
  • Three weeks of action with three unique rulesets.

Eight months after the first event of its kind, JoeWo’s Battle for the Crown has returned for another run in 2022. This time around though, things are a little different.

Spread across three weeks in May, Warzone’s top talent will be dropping into three distinct tournaments, each boasting a unique format. Here’s a full overview of all there is to know as the competition gets underway.


JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown: Streams & Schedule

As you would expect from an event hosted by JoeWo, the NRG streamer is sure to be hosting the tournament directly on his Twitch channel. While he may be competing himself, keeping an eye on JoeWo’s broadcast will likely be the best way to keep on top of results throughout each day of the tournament.

It all kicked off on Tuesday, May 10, with tournament dates then following with each passing week. May 17 marks the midway point while May 24 serves as the final day for teams to prove themselves.

JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown: Week 1 Results (Top 8)

Placement Team
1st Aydan & zSmit
2nd DiazBiffle & SuperEvan
Top 4 MuTeX & UnRationaL
JoeWo & bbreadman
Top 8 Tommey & Almond
Wagnificent & Cahrupt
Exzachtt & Braalik
LEGIQN & Zepti_

JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown: Format

While the first Battle for the Crown event featured a simple Duos kill-race format, the second iteration is a little more complicated. As the sequel is split across three days, each leg of the tournament comes with its own unique ruleset.


Below is a breakdown of each weekly format:

  • Week 1: Ground Loot only
  • Week 2: Opposite inputs (EG, controller players must use mouse and keyboard)
  • Week 3: Standard kill-race finale

While the first week was certainlye interesting, it’s week two where things really get dicey. Warzone’s top stars have all made a name for themselves while using their preferred equipment. 

Now, they have to mix things up and test their skills with unfamiliar equipment. Expect plenty of laughs before the going gets tough again with the kill-race finale in week three.

JoeWo’s $50K Battle for the Crown: Players & Teams

For the time being, no specific players or teams have been announced for each week of JoeWo’s tournament.

Warzone gameplay
JoeWo’s $50K event is tied for the biggest of any Warzone tournament this month.

While we know 32 streamers are supposed to be competing in each round, there’s no telling who might appear. While Week 1 featured the likes of Swagg, Tommey, Aydan, and plenty more, there’s no guarantee they’ll be back for the following weeks.


Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest as new the $50K competition continues.