JKap calls his former teammates “cowards” and explains how Luminosity “mishandled” roster trade

. 4 years ago

Former Luminosity player Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan has cleared the air surrounding the supposed ‘mishandling’ of his roster move to eUnited, after LG CEO & founder Steve Maida refuted accusations from Nadeshot.

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The controversy around JKap’s move to eUnited began when 100 Thieves owner Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag accused Luminosity of “ignoring [JKap] for months]” as 100 Thieves showed interest in signing him.

Nadeshot said during a live stream that LG “did JKap dirty”, which quickly made the rounds in the community, as fans believed JKap had been left out in the cold by his former organization.

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However, in a Reddit thread discussing the situation, Maida claimed that what Nadeshot had said was “factually untrue” and a deliberate attempt to smear his organization’s good reputation.

Maida claims that the org was only told by the other LG players that they did not want to play with JKap any longer one week ago, and up to that point had presumed he was staying with them.

Maida then says that when JKap was informed of his teammates wishes, he asked for a move to eUnited, which LG granted.

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JKap responded to Maida, and while he did not dispute his version of events, he says that parts of the story have been left out in an attempt to “save face”.

He explains that he told Luminosity immediately following the 2018 World Championship that he wanted a move to 100 Thieves, but “it became clear that wasn’t going to happen” and gave up – under the impression he was staying with the LG roster.

Unable to get an answer either from the organization or “the cowards on the new roster”, JKap eventually asked for the trade to eUnited.

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Maida responded once more, following up to JKap’s retort, explaining that the entirety of rostermania was “dragged out”, and that LG did not act “maliciously” to screw him over, rather it was just an unfortunate circumstance.

Once the rest of the LG roster informed him that they no longer wanted to play with JKap, Maida’s options were “slim”, but believes he handled it in the best way he could.

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JKap is now officially a member of eUnited, playing with Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni and aBeZy, while it is believed Luminosity will recruit Classic to round out their roster.

It appears there is some definite bad blood between JKap and his former teammates, calling them ‘cowards’, which will certainly make the first event of the season, CWL Vegas, in December, more interesting – should the teams match up.

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