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JGOD unveils new long-range Warzone meta after Season 4 Reloaded update

Published: 18/Jul/2021 18:49

by Julian Young


Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update brought with it another massive shakeup of the battle royale’s meta, and resident aficionado JGOD has broken down what weapons you should bring with you to any long-range firefights.

Warzone’s latest mid-season update dropped on July 14, and brought with it an absolutely massive set of weapon buffs and nerfs, as Raven Software took a big step towards their ultimate goal of increasing the BR’s time-to-kill across the board.

As the dust from those changes settled, the game’s new meta slowly came into focus, and after speculating on what weapons might be must-haves after the balancing patch, Warzone expert JGOD revealed his top long-range loadout options for the second half of Season 4.


Warzone CR-56 Amax Season 4 Reloaded Update Long-Range Meta
Activision / Raven Software
The CR-56 AMAX remains a top pick for long-range engagements.

Several LMGs sit at the top of JGOD’s list, including the already formidable Stoner 63, and the Bruen, which has returned to the meta after dominating it in previous seasons.

A wide range of ARs are also viable after the shakeup, including Cold War selections like the FARA 83, Krig 6, C58, and AK-47 (if you can control its recoil). Those guns are joined by Modern Warfare’s M4A1, Grau 5.56, and CR-56 AMAX, which remains a powerful pick if you can land your headshots.

There are also weapons like the Kilo 141 that have fallen off from the meta. Most notably, the Milano SMG — which absolutely dominated in early Season 4 — has been knocked down several notches and is no longer a viable pick at longer distances.


Finally, for non-automatic long-range options, the Swiss K31 and Kar98k are still nasty snipers with quality ADS and rates of fire, and they both remain top-tier choices to pair with a close-range SMG or AR.

Outside of his top choices, the YouTuber did note that the latest balancing sweep has created an “open meta” where guns that might not reach the absolute best TTK can still hold their own in the hands of competent players.

JGOD also compared his own analysis with the data available on WZRanked, and his findings seem spot-on as practically all of the guns mentioned in his video have landed in the top 10 most-used weapons following the Season 4 Reloaded patch.


The content creator also confirmed his plans to identify any changes in the close-range and sniper metas, which will likely be shared in upcoming videos. As Season 4 winds down and the hype for Season 5 heats up, make sure to check back in for all the latest Warzone news.