JGOD unveils abandoned Cold War AR that dominates Warzone’s last days

EM2 Cold War AR WarzoneTreyarch/Activision

YouTuber and Warzone expert JGOD has unveiled an abandoned Cold War assault rifle build that’s perfect for Caldera’s closing days, claiming the EM2 is “nasty” at long-ranges. 

Warzone may be winding down given the imminent arrival of its successor, Warzone 2, but players are still eager to know the weapons they should be rocking in Caldera’s closing weeks

While guns like the Armaguerra 43 and Cooper Carbine are the most used (and therefore the most ‘meta’) in Season 5 Reloaded, some weapons can fly under the radar while being just as viable.

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One, according to Warzone statistician and expert JGOD, is the Black Ops Cold War EM2, a slow firing AR that was added to Treyarch’s title with Season 5 of the previous annual cycle. 

JGOD’s EM2 Warzone loadout for Season 5 Reloaded

Despite being largely ignored in Vanguard’s cycle – sitting at a 0.19% pick rate according to WZRanked – it can shred enemies at longer ranges and is perfect to dominate Caldera’s closing days. 

Stating it’s perfect for long ranges, he said: “That brings us to a little bit more of a higher skill weapon, which is the EM2. It’s always been nasty, it used to be significantly more broken but this is where it’s landed because of the change to health.” 

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His full class loadout is below, maximizing its range and damage at the expense of speed and handling. This shouldn’t matter too much though, as players should mainly be relying on the EM2 at longer ranges. 

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 25.8” Task Force
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag

As previously stated, players should only trust the EM2 at longer ranges. Its slow fire rate means it will usually be outgunned at close range but, for enemies further away, there are few weapons that can shred armor and health as quickly. 

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It does bounce around slightly but some time with the weapon will ensure players can maintain accuracy, even when aiming for opponents at considerable distances. 

Drop in with the EM2 in the back pocket and you’ll be well set for some late Warzone wins. 

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