JGOD unconvinced Warzone 2 meta will change despite nerfs to Hemlock & Cronen

JGOD and Cronen Squall in Warzone 2JGOD/Activision

Warzone 2 stats guru JGOD is unsure the meta in the battle royale is going to change all that much even after the ISO Hemlock and Cronen Squall were nerfed.

Over the last few weeks, the meta in Warzone 2 has been dominated by the ISO Hemlock and Cronen Squall. The latter has been seeing a pretty big uptake in Ranked play, while the Hemlock had been the go-to gun for more casual players.

That had recently swapped positions when it comes to pick rate too, with the Squall outpacing the Hemlock to take the top spot. Though, that happened just before the pair of them were hit with a nerf.

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The May 31st update saw both assault rifles hit just a little bit, with them both having damage values tweaked in one way or another. Though, JGOD isn’t expecting the update to massively change the current meta.

JGOD picks Cronen Squall & ISO Hemlock replacement if Warzone 2 meta changes

The Warzone 2 stats guru highlighted the changes shortly after they went live, noting that the Squall’s recoil could actually benefit from it. 

As he moved on, the YouTuber stated that if anything is going to replace them moving forward, it’ll be the Lachmann 556, but that comes with a few caveats. 

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“I’m leaning towards the Lachmann 556, if these are noticeable,” JGOD said. “If these aren’t noticeable, still going to be the Cronen. At the end of the day, it just does too much damage, but we’ll see if this was enough.” 

The Lachmann 556 has been highlighted by a few YouTubers over the last few weeks as a potential replacement, but those were expecting nerfs in Season 4. 

The STB 556 has also been put in the spotlight as a potential go-to, but who knows how things are going to shake out now. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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