JGOD slams major Warzone update dropping during $400k WSOW tournament

. 10 months ago
JGOD Warzone SMG
YouTube: JGOD/Activision

Activision dropped a new Warzone patch ahead of the prestigious World Series of Warzone tournament, with a whopping $400k prize pool on the line. Now, JGOD has slammed the decision to make such big changes during a tournament of this caliber.

The World Series of Warzone tournament saw Europe’s best duos go head to head for $300k, followed by a solo game with the winner taking the entirety of the $100k prize pool.

As normal, Activision released their bi-weekly update for Warzone on September 15. The new patch that was released took quite a toll on the game’s everchanging meta, leaving players in somewhat of a frenzy trying to figure out the best loadouts with minimal time.

Popular Warzone content creator JGOD spotted the difficulties it could cause and was quick to voice his concerns with the new patch, criticizing Activision on how the changes would go live mid-tournament.

world series of warzone prizing points format rules

The Warzone update released significant changes for some weapons, tweaking a total of eight weapons, and four attachments, and 150 of Europe’s best players would experience the changes right in the middle of a tournament, with a life-changing amount of cash on the line.

Popular Warzone creator JGOD spoke out on Twitter about his concerns with the new patch going live, tweeting a sarcastic joke “Another weapon balancing pass. Hopefully, there isn’t $400k on the line tomorrow for a Warzone Tourney.”

The creator followed up, voicing his concerns “to top it off, these changes will take place mid tourney with EU players, so most won’t know about the changes until they are already playing.”

Despite the concerning changes mid-tournament, the World Series of Warzone was one to remember, with an enormous and generous prize pool of $400k that changed lives for the winning players.

Team Recrent came away with the $100k Captain’s Cup, with MethodzSick and DagaT1 winning the $200k duo tournament, and finally closing it out with Chowh1 winning the sole prize of $100k in the solo match, rounding out the insane event.

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