JGOD shows why Warzone players should change to ‘new’ suppressor

Warzone Suppressor. with logoActivision

YouTuber JGOD has explained why Warzone players should be using the ‘new’ basic suppressor in CoD’s battle royale, after it was completely reworked by developers Raven. 

Popular Warzone content creator JGOD is well known for shedding light on underrated Warzone attachments, and has now explained why players should be seriously considering the game’s basic suppressor on BOCW weapons. The basic suppressor was overhauled during the Season 3 Reloaded update, which dropped in-game on May 20.

While the GRU Suppressor has long been the meta on BOCW weapons in order to compete with the Agency Suppressor, that might be about to change.

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Warzone Reloaded updateActivision
Warzone Season 3 has dropped some 80s legends into the battle royale, too.

In the May 20 update, the basic Suppressor was overhauled, meaning it now gives players sound suppression, a reduced ADS time, better bullet velocity and a faster sprint-to-fire time. The only negative of the ‘new’ suppressor is a decrease to effective damage range.

Naturally, JGOD tested every aspect of the attachments, and concluded just why the new suppressor is a perfectly viable option. In Warzone’s current build, it boosts bullet velocity by roughly 10-15%, and boosts ADS and sprint-to-fire time by a small amount.

Its only negative is a range reduction of 15%, rising to 25% on LMGs. As such, JGOD recommended it for almost all close-range weapons: “If you’re gonna be using a long-range option only, like the Krig… you’re gonna wanna use the GRU,” he said. “If you’re gonna use it more for close range, go with the regular suppressor.”

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The weapon’s handling buffs, paired with an increase to bullet velocity, means that close-range weapons will essentially see their damage range drop off negated by the improvements the regular suppressor now brings.

The GRU suppressor has been the meta muzzle attachment on Black Ops Cold War weapons for some time now, so it may take some time for that to shift despite the obvious new buffs to the basic suppressor.

For now, stick it on your close-range weapons and get ahead of the curve.