JGOD shows how Warzone’s new XM4 buff makes it deadly at long range

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In Call of Duty: Warzone’s July 2 patch, the devs not only brought back the game’s FARA 83 nerfs, but also added a buff to the XM4. As YouTuber JGOD demonstrates, that recoil buff could be enough to make the XM4 a long-range danger.

A Season 4 quick patch, Raven Software rolled out, then pulled an update on June 30 before bringing it back on July 2 — this time with a tweak. Originally, the patch simply nerfed the FARA, C58, and Nail Gun, but devs decided to help the XM4 as well. 

The XM4 was already buffed to start Season 4: its neck multiplier was increased and numerous attachments were buffed. While those attachment changes were nerfed for most ARs in the July 2 patch, they weren’t implemented for the XM4.

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Already one of Warzone’s best SMG builds, now the XM4 has the damage and control to be a possible long-range option. As JGOD proves, this new recoil pattern could be enough to make the AR a viable meta option from distance.

While the XM4’s recoil pattern still has its notorious jump at the start, it immediately smooths out and runs consistently vertical, slightly leaned to the right. This is in stark contrast to its former pattern, which went vertical before jerking down, to the right, and then upward at a sharper diagonal.

While this pattern is unlikely to be as consistent and clean as no-recoil ARs like the FARA, Grau, and Kilo — there’s a reason why those latter two receive minimal play. The line between damage and recoil is a tough one to toe, but this XM4 buff might be enough to put it in play.

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warzone season 4 ar ttk chart xm4TrueGameData
A TTK comparison chart with Warzone’s most viable ARs.

As JGOD previously explained, the XM4’s versatility already made it the best overall gun in Season 4. He noted that its high damage and mobility were perfect for SMG and sniper-support builds, while the long-range loadout had potential.

As can be seen in the TTK chart, the XM4 long-range build is essentially only weaker than the high-recoil AMAX and slow-firing-rate C58 up to 40 meters — and then past 50 meters it’s only behind the aforementioned C58. 

Considering damage output, firing rate, and this newfound recoil pattern, the XM4 could therefore be the strongest long-range AR in the market. If you need a loadout for it, the one in the TTK chart should work, but you can also check out classes from Warzone creators and pros like JGOD and Aydan.

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