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JGOD shares best Warzone sniper loadouts to use ahead of Season 4

Published: 30/May/2021 23:30 Updated: 30/May/2021 23:32

by Julian Young


Respected Call of Duty: Warzone statistician JGOD has revealed his new top sniper rifle picks in the battle royale, and explained why he believes they will dominate the meta heading into Season 4.

After two early rounds of balancing in Warzone Season 3, Raven Software shook up the meta yet again with the mid-season Reloaded update, which brought with it another huge set of weapon updates including significant tweaks for sniper rifles.

As Season 3 continues to wind down and the hype for Season 4 starts to build, popular Warzone content creator JGOD took an in-depth dive into the sniper rifle meta after the last round of changes and revealed his top picks for the weapon class heading into Season 4.


JGOD’s top sniper picks heading into Warzone Season 4

In his video, JGOD took into account several different factors like ADS speed, bullet velocity, and rate of fire, then broke down each Warzone sniper into three distinct categories: aggressive, hybrid, and slower long-range.

For players who love using snipers at close range, the aggressive options (Kar98k, Pellington, and Swiss K31) are the way to go. Those who prefer long-range sniper engagements should equip the ZRG, AX-50, or HDR. Finally, the SP-R208 and Tundra fill out the hybrid category.

JGOD’s personal top dog amongst snipers remains the Kar98k, due to its uncanny ability to land shots both at distance and in close-range engagements. For a more balanced approach, the content creator recommended the SP-R208, as the best jack-of-all-trades sniper in the game.


Finally, for a more traditional sniper loadout, JGOD pointed to either Cold War’s ZRG that stormed into Warzone during Season 2, or Modern Warfare’s HDR, which remains a tried-and-true sniper for those who prefer picking their enemies off from a distance.

While the Kar98k is still the king of Warzone snipers, there are plenty of new options to try heading into Season 4. For a full statistical breakdown of JGOD’s analysis, check out the helpful spreadsheet he’s compiled for players to use when picking their sniper and its attachments.