JGOD reveals why grinding Vanguard weapons will be fastest on PS4 & PS5

call of duty vanguard playstation ps4 ps5Pexels / Activision

Call of Duty players on PlayStation have an edge when it comes to leveling up new Vanguard weapons. As pointed out by JGOD, anyone with access to a PS4 or PS5 should use the consoles to grind their guns for Warzone and Vanguard.

Call of Duty and PlayStation’s relationship has caused drama in the past. Just last year, Black Ops Cold War players were “outraged” about the game’s PS-exclusive perks

Now, popular Warzone and CoD analyst JGOD is reminding people of those perks for Vanguard’s release as well. Despite owning a high-performance PC, the YouTuber explained that he’ll be grinding his new Vanguard weapons on PS4 Pro.

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With the new CoD 2021 title releasing on November 5, people will be excited to get their weapons humming. If you want the fastest way to do so, try getting access to a PlayStation.

Vanguard guns level fastest on PS4 and PS5

As JGOD mentions, PlayStation users get a “25% weapon XP” bonus when playing in a party. That’s fairly substantial, as he elaborates that opting for the console would let him do four hours of leveling in just three.

Since the majority of Warzone and Call of Duty players are on console, many should be able to enjoy these advantages. But, since many are on Xbox and most streamers and Call of Duty League pros are on PC, they might miss out on that 25% bonus.

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If you’re someone who plays on PC but has access to a PS4 or PS5, then a drop in performance might be well worth it for grinding weapons. While Warzone’s Vanguard integration won’t be coming until December, you can get a headstart for multiplayer and Pacific, Caldera by powering on the consoles.