JGOD reveals Warzone snipers he expects to dominate Season 3 meta

Activision/YouTube: JGOD

Warzone’s most prolific expert JGOD has revealed which sniper rifles he expects to dominate the Season 3 meta, as the Kar98k and Swiss K31 meta guns are widely believed to be receiving sizable nerfs.

For some months now, the Kar98 and Swiss have been among the most popular guns in Warzone, and every player knows the pain of hearing the Kar’s shrill ping nearby, knowing you’re about to be in trouble.

They’re top-tier weapons, overpowered according to some players, and as such, nerfs are expected to be incoming for the Season 3 update on April 27.

If you’re a keen sniper, though, JGOD thinks there might be a few more options of different sniper rifles ready to dominate the meta.

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cold war swiss k31Activision
The Swiss K31 sniper rifle has become a top pick in Warzone.

Across both Rebirth Island and Caldera, sniper rifles can be one of the most powerful tools to any Warzone player, and if the main ones get nerfed, you can definitely expect others to take their place, just like how the AR or SMG meta is always changing.

With players trying to figure out what might take over once the Season 3 update drops, JGOD has given his thoughts and predicted the three rifles that might dominate.

Saying that he’s “ready for the meta shift,” JGOD tweeted his prediction for the AX-50 and HDR from Modern Warfare to return back into the meta after over two years, as well as the ZRG from Black Ops Cold War.

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These three are currently among some of the least-picked weapons in the game. This is especially true for the ZRG, which has never had its moment in the spotlight and, at the time of writing, has a pick ratio of just 0.13% according to WZRanked.

The HDR and AX-50 are in slightly better standing, but they’re still a rare sight across any Warzone map.

Whether JGOD’s predictions come true remains to be seen, but make sure you keep ahead of the action by finding out about everything coming in Warzone Season 3.