JGOD reveals underused Warzone attachment gives 30% less recoil

jgod on youtube videoYouTube: JGOD

Warzone wizard JGOD has revealed a seriously underused attachment that reduces assault rifle recoil by around 30%, and it could be a game-changer for players looking to make their guns even more accurate.

In Warzone, and with most first-person shooters, gunskill is the number one thing that can separate the best from the worst.

You might have excellent game knowledge, perfect zone rotations, and genius late-game plays, but if you can’t gun your opponents with ease, you will come seriously unstuck as soon as you get into a gunfight.

While practice makes perfect, the way we build loadouts in Warzone often means stacking an assault rifle and an SMG with attachments that improve bullet velocity and reduce recoil, making us able to laser enemies with relative ease — but JGOD has pointed out one attachment that seriously reduces recoil that almost nobody uses.

The attachment he mentions is the Bipod, which doesn’t see much use in Warzone, showing it off on the Cooper Carbine as a popular sniper support AR.

As JGOD points out, the increased recoil control with the Bipod comes when you’re mounted, crouched, or in a prone position, so this is definitely something you’ll have to bear in mind when taking on fights while using the attachment.

In doing so, recoil is reduced by around 30%, making it far easier to control. Whether you think this is worth sacrificing your preferred meta underbarrel attachment though comes entirely down to personal preference.

JGOD also recently spoke out about a forgotten Vanguard rifle that has an “overpowered” TTK in Warzone — so it’s well worth checking out how you can utilize these off-meta picks to get one over on your enemies.